Welcome to Domaine du Grand Tourtre for a memorable holiday
At the top of a hill, overlooking the magnificent Chateau de Talleyrand, this ancient fortifed hamlet, surrounded by vines and fields of sunflower, is the ideal location for family holidays.Interlaced with small lakes, vineyards and rivers, the south Charente offers visitors all the sweetness of its valleyed landscape and its villages of white fieldstone houses. The region is full of gastronomic treasures and the wonders of Roman architecture.

The villas and barns are grouped around a square which although dominant, gives a village like feeling to the Domaine du Grand Tourtre. The former bread oven, now restored, is the reception area of the Domain. Spread over 5 hectares of private land, each villa of the Domaine of Grand Tourtre has a charming interior and an exclusive swimming pool in a private garden.

The village, a former principality was also the seat of people of nobility. Located in this village, is the church of Saint Martial that dates from the XIIth century as well as an impressive castle : built on a hill, this castle dominates the valley of Tude and overlooks the town. The Talleyrand PĂ©rigords made of this medieval XIIth century fortress a massive restored castle during the XIVth and XVIIIth century.

To the west the towns and beaches of the Atlantic coast, with their fortresses, their wines and their surfers. To the east, the Dordogne offering all the magic of the Perigord.